Corporate Identity and Image Design

Branding: set of skills or values that a company or a person has.

Corporate identity is made up of several aspects we work on to achieve a general coherence.

Branding Valencia

Name: is the "word" that sum up the whole: a company's strength and its values just in few letters.

Identidad verbal: The "claim" or "tag line" defines, positions and communicates the main message.

Identidad visual: it is the graphic representation of the brand: image, colours and typography makes it special and exceed the expectations, before the buying of the product or service and after the selling.

Do you need a corporate identity and image for your brand?

How would you define yourself?

How do you want to be described?

Words open mind and heart. We believe in the power of words and we love playing with them. We create names for new products, services or companies.

How would you like to show?

Each color and line define you.

Colours, typography, imagotype... these are our principal allies we communicate values and position messages with. From key concepts, we develop the creative work.

Do you think your logo is not attractive?

Re-design and sensivity.

Re-designing a logo doesn't mean to change it completely. Time goes by and sometimes our imagen gets outdated. ¿How long does a logo exist? The answer has thousands of shades.

Our designers will provide the brand with this sensivity. Our clients trust us.

Why should you choose SaKudarte?

Differentiation and objectives

Because we look for difference and then we plan goals and identity's objectives.

Because we are good at and we love what we do: words, colours, forms and communication. We are aware of the importance of a good corporate identity, but it has to be available for every company.

And because we are expert in industrial property, naming and domain defense and protection.

Do you want to improve your brand?

Branding in Valencia

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