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Corporate videos, photography, voice over and dubbing: Differentiate two web pages of similar content to generate greater engagement

Just as any text we read has different functions such as informing, suggesting or convincing, the design of a video covers everything necessary about the sensory function.

Images, videos, iconography, colors and everything that is not words are a language on their own. Virtually everything that has to do with the user continuing to browse our pages is due to design.

But what about photos and videos? In Sakudarte we also offer you these services.

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    Professionalism also fits in images

    In Sakudarte we take care of every detail, an essential element for differentiation and positioning. Be authentic.

    It does not matter if what you need is product photography, LinkedIn company profile, corporate, industrial or study. The key to success is in people and behind every image, whatever it is, it is always in people.

    Video Marketing

    One of the keys to your marketing strategy

    We help you and advise you in everything you need. Offering your own image to the company is a sign of security in what you do and we are here to get the most out of it.


    We give a voice to your project

    Have you ever thought about making a corporate video of your facilities, how your company works, tell a success story? We put all the services at your fingertips.

    Why work with Sakudarte in your Corporate Video, Videomarketing and Photography?

    Because we are perfectionists

    We enjoy well-constructed visual supports and that satisfaction is the same that we want to show in our work.

    Because we know what we do. We are trained by professionals who not only tread a path they know, but also seek new paths. Differentiation is the key.

    Because we apply what we learn and we have learned from more than 100 projects.

    Are you thinking about creating a corporate video?

    The future of your company is now.

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