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Digital transformation in your company, your great opportunity!

Digital transformation is not a buzzword, it is a necessity, a new paradigm. It must be addressed to reorganize the digital strategy of the company and the way we relate to customers digitally.

It is about the detection and implementation of new opportunities in business models and technology. Although they are data, actually it is much more ... Take advantage of technological advances to provide more value and meet the needs of customers better. Yes, always the customers.

Because customers have quickly adopted new technologies and ways to communicate with each other. Companies must evolve and transform to be where they are and meet their expectations.

According to studies carried out by Standard & Poors, 46% of the companies that have not worked in their digital transformation will die in a decade.

    What type of company needs digital transformation?

    No company is exempt from digital transformation. In this new paradigm, companies that convert to digital media have an advantage in an increasingly demanding market.

    Both service and productive companies, sell to other companies as well as the final customer, must think about how they can incorporate technologies to provide more value.

    Why is it so important to have a digital strategy?

    The Digital transformation is not just technology, it is a set of tools that make up a strategy in which technology plays a very important role.

    In a digital transformation strategy, you have to consider some fundamental pillars that you have to create or review to keep growing and always be improving.

    Have you asked yourself...

    What is your customer's shopping experience?
    How do you analyze the data to know the preferences of your potential customers?
    Do you automate processes to optimize results and squeeze the talent of your team in other priorities for the company?
    Do you know how to focus on the new value chain?

    Just as new generation cars constantly generate data through sensors to facilitate driving and improve our safety, companies have to implement digital marketing tools to optimize their results and gain market share.

    Do you already have your strategy in Digital Transformation and Marketing?

    What are you going to achieve?

    Digital transformation, seen as an incorporation of new technologies and as an organizational change, can help you:

    Listen to your customers> design, manufacture products or services that they really need and demand.

    Communicate better with them> new services and products, gain their loyalty.

    Produce more efficiently> have more immediate control that allows decisions to be made quickly.

    Have more information on the market> react on time.

    Have faster information about sales, and so adjust production.

    How can Sakudarte help you?

    As an Online Marketing Agency we help you:

    - Design your online marketing strategy
    - Create or redesign your corporate image
    - Design and develop your web page
    - Create a Social Network Strategy
    - Create and share contents (videos, texts)
    - Presence on Linkedin, the best platform for industrial or B2B companies.
    - E-mail marketing design and shipment
    - SEO/SEM

    What are the advantages of digital marketing and transformation?

    In the beginning, innovation requires an investment that, in medium term, will allow us to boost revenues and save costs, as well as eliminate waste by optimizing data..

    It increases the satisfaction of both customers and employees, because technology is at the service of people to facilitate processes and increase productivity.

    It is of vital importance for the renewal and growth of the company.

    Let's start by designing your digital marketing strategy

    The future of your company in Digital Marketing and Transformation is now.

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