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An online store is an Internet channel for your products or services. In case it is a unique channel or complementary to a local point of purchase, it is important to keep in mind these 3 aspects:

- Business plan and advertising: an online store is not just a sale support. Before developing one, you have to work on your value proposal, your business model and your post-launch ads plan.

- Test/error: online sales are based on learning from mistakes. There are no shortcuts, tricks or magic. Measuring and improving continuously are the keys.

- Technology: it is present in all the processes of purchase, delivery, logistics, loyalty... and it is important to choose the most appropriate one for each project.

    Do you want to start an ecommerce or enhance the one you already have?


    There is suitable technology for each model and phase of the business. SAAS solutions like Shopify, Magento, Prestashop or Woo Commerce or customized developments.


    As in any showcase, design is the key to seducing the customer. And the best design of an online store is one that "does not show" because it manages to give the product its importance.

    Creative Copies

    Texts are our "seller" on the Internet. It is important to take care of them and in Sakudarte we believe in the value of words and we love writing and creating persuasive messages.


    Any promotion action is conditioned to reach a goal. Measuring is essential to know if you are achieving what you set your promotion to achieve.

    Why should you choose Sakudarte to develop your online store?

    Technology is important, but it must be focused on the business and not vice versa. The first thing to do is not to launch the store, it is to be clear why you are the customer's first choice and what your competitive advantages are.
    And it is crucial we work together towards the future... How do we get traffic? How do we manage the database? How do we incite the repurchase? How do we manage conversions?

    We are realistic and we have experience

    And yes, in online sales, experience is our degree. It means that you have made mistakes and generally, a lot ... but that you have learned from those mistakes and you are not going to make them again.
    And we are realistic because selling on the Internet is not easy and it depends on the 3 Ps: strategic Positioning, Plan and Patience.


    A proven methodology of project management allows us to comply by cost and deadline. We begin by determining the scope of the project.
    We do the planning. A weekly follow-up and quality controls prior to delivery.

    Do you know what are the steps to sell online?

    The future of your company is now.

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