Email Marketing: Services and Campaigns

What's Email Marketing?
Email Marketing is an online communication technique used to attract potential clients through email.
Unlike SEO or SEM, this is a direct channel to the user, which offers lots of advantages such as tailor-making contents to each customer or group of customers in order to get a higher return on the investment.

Do you need Email Marketing?
To get to a specific target, it is important to plan a good segmentation for an Email Marketing strategy.

There are several types of consumers: those who have never heard of us, those who have just met us, who have been interested in a product or service and who have already bought us. As the Data Protection Law obliges us to have the user's prior consent to send them an email, it means that, at some point, they have had to know us. So, we'll start from the second group.

At this point, we can say that it would be foolish to send the same content through Email Marketing to those who have heard about us and our regular consumers. Let's suppose it is a discount on any item for having registered. This offer would only affect new customers, so if we send a newsletter to our entire database, it could be annoying for those who can not take advantage of it.

However, as we have the possibility of segmenting, regular customers could receive the same offer for another reason: X% discount to our most loyal customers, for example.

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How to run Email marketing campaigns?

First, you have to segment your market, know who you're going to send your emails and what the needs we can satisfy are. At the same time, you have to look after the subject as it is the first thing they will see and read, from which they will have access to the content.

Email Marketing campaign design service

In Email marketing, less is always more. In 2017 people started to browse more from mobile than from PC. It's necessary to create attractive images with few words.

All the information at first glance. And it has to be suggestive.

Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing offers more benefits apart from segmentation:

Economical: you can reach lots of people with low prices than other channels.

Customizable: you can send as many segmented groups as you want the same offert or service, customizing each of them.

It's not just an email: if well created, an Email Marketing campaign can address your database users to your webpage, and in particular to the purchase page, and encourage them to buy.

Measurable: not only can we know how many people read our email, but also how many clicked on the link, the icon, the image or just clicked nothing.

A/B Test: Email Marketing allows you to "play" with campaigns. You can send the same group of users two different offerts, and then you will see which one works better with them. Or just the same offert in order to see what captured their attention the most.

Immediate results: you can know if someone has already got access to our web page just ten minutes after the campaign's launch. ¡Although you do not have to be too impatient!

Viral Marketing: Like social networks, Email Marketing offers the possibility to share contents. Users just have to share the content among their contacts. If we are able to create an interesting and attractive campaign, everything can happen!

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