Email Marketing: Services and Campaigns.

What is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing is an online communication technique used to attract potential customers via email.
Unlike SEO or SEM, this is a direct channel to contact the user, which gives us a series of advantages, like adapting contents to each consumer or consumer group and therefore being able to get a better investment revenue.

Do you need Email Marketing?
To reach your target audience, we need to create a better segmentation within an Email Marketing Strategy.

There are various types of consumers: the ones who have never heard of us, the ones who just met us, the ones who are interested in acquiring our product and the ones who have already invested in us. Data Protection Law obliges us to have the users' previous consent to send them an email, which means that, at some point, they have met us. So our starting point will be the second group.

At this point, we could say it is silly to send the same contents via Email Marketing to who has already met us and to our usual consumer. For example, if we send a discount code for new customers, previous customers wouldn't be able to benefit from it. That is why if we send this newsletter to all our database, it could be annoying for the customer who it isn't destined for.

When we have the possibility to segment our clientele, different customers could receive newsletters targeted specifically for them.

    Do you want to gain maximum benefits from a specialized and segmented database?

    How to create Email Marketing Camapigns

    The first thing to do is to segment, to have a clear target audience for emails and what our clients' needs are. The email subject is just as important, we have to remember that it is the first thing our customer sees to be interested in the content.

    Our Email Marketing Campaign Design Services

    In Email Marketing, less is always more. In 2017, mobile users topped desktop or laptop users on internet browsing. Therefore, it is necessary to create attractive images with little to no text.

    All information available in plain sight and for it to be captivating.

    What benefits will you receive with an Email Marketing Strategy?

    Email Marketing has more advantages besides segmentation.

    Economical: it allows you to reach more people with a lower investment.

    Customizable: You can send the same offer or service to as many segmented groups as you wish, customizing each one.

    It's not just an email: If it is well executed, an Email Marketing Campaign will land a bigger percentage of your clients on your website, and it is more probable they end up buying your services or products.

    Measurable: not only it allows us to know how many people opened our email, but if they clicked on the provided links, if they clicked on a button or an image or if no action was taken.

    Test A/B: Email Marketing allows you to "play" with Campaigns. Sending two different offers to the same user group and to see which one works better on them. Or the same offer to different user groups to see how it was attractive to them.

    Immediate Results: In as little as 10 minutes after sending the and email campaign, we will be able to know if the users have had access to our website through it. But let's not be impatient!

    Viral Marketing: Just like on social media, Email Marketing can also be shared. It is as easy as having the user resend the content to other contacts. If we are able to create an interesting and attractive campaign, anything can happen!

    Email Marketing FAQ's

    FAQ's and common Email Marketing questions

    Email Marketing is a communication technique used to create online campaigns through email.

    The benefits of Email Marketing are:

    - The possibility to reach all your database.
    - There are many free tools.
    - You can customize your campaigns based on the type of client you have.
    - High ROI
    - Allows you to measure each campaign result.
    - Some tools allow you to automate.
    - Immediate results.

    Email Marketing allows you to offer your database any type of product or service through a previously designed newsletter based on the type of client you want to reach.

    If you have several audiences interested in the same product but on a different way, we can design as many newsletters based on their needs.

    In this way, for example, we can offer the same course aimed at three different demographics. We design three newsletters with a different map depending on each location and we send it to a different segmented audience.

    To design an Email Marketing Strategy you will need to:

    1. Establish a goal

    2. Develop an Email Marketing strategy and know what type of campaign will be needed.

    3. Design all the contents. Do you need images? What type of titles will be used? Will you need infographics? What type of links will you use for CTAs (Call to Action Buttons)?

    4. Plan Email Marketing sending schedules to know when they will be sent and to which audience.

    5. Measure results and correct any errors.

    To know if your Email Marketing Campaign is working you will need to have your goals and objectives clear and measure your results correctly. A series of questions to determine whether or not we are doing a good job could be: Does my web page or landing page get more traffic through newsletters? Is there an increment of at least 10% in my email database? Are the users clicking on my CTA's? Am I getting the business I want to achieve?

    If the answer to any of these questions is no, then we need to know why. Are my designs attractive? are my newsletters too invasive? Am I segmenting my audience well? Is the information available on my webpage related to the sent newsletter?

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