LinkedIn and Social Media for Companies

Define your own strategy, manage and optimize your company's LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn is the best web platform for companies and B2B professionals, thanks to its 500 million users worldwide.
LinkedIn is the most effective social network for the 66% of B2B businesses.

A relevant number of potential clients are on LinkedIn and this social network offers the possibility to locate, segment and contact them. What's more is that you can increase your visibility and create new professional contacts and business opportunities.

Companies' LinkedIn pages are the showcase of their brand and they are the core of the platform in a B2B environment. A complete page must show detailed information about the company, products, employment, contacts and updating.

    Are you gaining the maximum benefits from LinkedIn for your company?

    What benefits does LinkedIn provide the digital strategy of B2B companies?

    For a B2B company, LinkedIn is fundamental in the digital strategy. It contributes to:

    - Establish contacts. It's a networking platform.
    - Share relevant contents and segmented to its users.
    - Increase your business' visibility.
    - Generate leads.
    - Discover talents for new incorporations.

    Being present in LinkedIn is just useless, you have to plan a strategy.

    The main benefits of LinkedIn in a digital strategy:

    1) Customer Journey

    LinkedIn allows your business to reach new contacts according to their interests, profiles, companies and sectors. It is a target that has needs, but it is not aware of that. Therefore it works in the first steps of the buying process efficiently (awareness). Unlike AdWords, for example, which is based on research and the target already knows its needs clearly and it is looking for satisfying them. AdWords works better in the consideration step.

    2) Personal profiles

    Companies are people, and so active personal profiles related to company's posts improve their visibility and brand awareness:

    - The activities of a personal profile are notified to its contacts (the more contacts it has, the wider the reach is).
    - LinkedIn enables users to share contents in a simple way.
    - The engagement level gained in posts will help your company obtain a broader audience and visibility.

    3) Thought Leadership

    A good content marketing strategy on LinkedIn gives you the possibility to become the leader in your sector. Thought Leadership means your potential clients see you as the main authority or reference point in your sector.

    Why should you choose SaKudarte to provide you with a strategy on LinkedIn for Companies?

    SaKudarte team will help you create a business page to:

    - Gain more visibility
    - Optimize your page for SEO positioning
    - Customize your page for a global audience
    - Create products page
    - Create and share contents related to your target
    - Analyze the activity on your page
    - Attract and keep talents
    - Increase clients' database and their sales
    - Create sponsored and segmented contents for your target
    - Run Ads campaigns on LinkedIn
    - Create reports to analyze the ROI

    Have you ever considered LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your digital strategy?

    The future of your company is now.

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