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98% of B2B businesses search online to select product or service suppliers.

Source: Forrester

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Greater visibility and rapidity to sell in B2B e-commerce.

Better positioning and online presence.

Effective supports for commercial action.

Increase of database and Linkedin presence.

Tools to reach potential customers.

Better communication of services and business opportunities.

Indicators to measure results and improve online strategy.

fernando escartin

Fernando Escartín

DPS Bikes partner

We had such a huge change in our B2B business, which is our essential selling tool.

Fernando hermenegildo

Fernando Hermenegildo

LeanSis Productividad partner Director

Thanks to Online Marketing, we achieved an important database, a better presence in LinkedIn and nowadays we use supports and tools to raise our methodology's awareness to reach out customers around the world.

Nacho LLaosa

Grúas Jordán Financial Director

We have increased sales and gained more customers thanks to Online Marketing. It helped us to create, to think in a different way and to put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. I recommend Online Marketing to any company and working with Sakudarte. They taught us to think differently.

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    Frequently asked questions.

    B2B or Business-to-Business Marketing is the process a company sells products or services to another company through. This company may create products or services to satisfy final customer's needs.
    For example: a company manufacturing pieces for automobiles and selling them to Ford. Ford will use these pieces to manufacture cars which will be sold to the final customer.

    Although your target audience is a company in the case of B2B and it seems a totally different market to B2C, actually they have a lot in common because who is buying you is a person, indeed. Companies are people.

    While in a B2C process only 1 person can intervene and the purchase time is shorter, in the B2B buying process more than 5 people intervene.

    The marketing strategies to apply in B2B are different from B2C, however some are very common.

    The final consumer buys necessary things and others that he just wants. The applicable strategy often focuses more on their emotions than on giving convincing data. The cost of the products is usually lower and the buying decision quicker. The final consumer does not have to give an explanation to many people during his purchase decision.

    In the case of a company, the purchase decision is a longer process as it does not only depend on one person. A person may be assigned to search for the supplier, investigate, compare prices and then make the decision in a board or department. The goal is also different, since a company buys another company out of necessity to continue producing its product or service.

    The strategy is to attract, as in B2C, but then it is to convince and give concrete data, reduce risks and generate confidence for decision making.

    In the B2B, creating the strategy of this purchasing process is the most important aspect because, as in B2C the final consumer is more volatile and can change brands, there are companies that want to find a reliable supplier for life.

    The marketing challenge is to provide appropriate information to the needs and concerns of the different profiles of people involved in the B2B process.

    According to our experience, these are the 3 key aspects in Industrial Marketing.

    Depending on the goal you want to achieve, most companies launching a Digital Marketing Plan get more visibility, reach and positioning to get where their customers are and sell more.

    Positioning yourself in your sector and offering what you do in a well-communicated way and with a clear value proposition, is what definitely makes the difference.

    If you want to see what our clients have achieved, they will tell you about it.
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