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Online Marketing Department

You can count on us! outsource your Online Marketing Department to improve your visibility and your reach. A Marketing Director with the best team that can create and execute the correct action plan to achieve your goals.

Online Marketing Valencia

We offer you more for less: Strategy, creativity, design and execution just in one team.
Think and take action: First we think and then we propose. And what we propose, we deliver.
Inside and outside: We know the business from within, but we still work autonomously.
With no fixed costs: A Digital Marketing Department is the solution for every type of business.

    Contact us if you have any doubts regarding how to outsource your digital marketing department. We'll be happy to help you and your company!

    Marketing and Online Advertising Services in Valencia

    How do we work?

    Our work philosophy is based on Lean method of constant improvement: PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). First, we analyze the current situation of the business, and then we go on with these 5 steps to communicate better, sell more and gain customers' loyalty, always considering smart goals and the initial investment.

    Value proposal in Online Marketing Services

    Differentiation and positioning.

    Your clients do not buy what you make, but why you make it. So, it's fundamental to identify the features that make you unique. We will work with you to find out the reasons your customers buy your products o services for.

    Goals and Indexes in Online Marketing

    If you have planned your main and secondary goals, you will help us create a good communication strategy. Each goal must have a specific index to measure the development. This is necessary to be successful in your business.

    Action Plan in Online Marketing

    We use planning tools that allow us to organize tasks and project managers in order to achieve our goals. Not only does it make our job easier, but it also makes the client meet the deadline. The analytics will help us change the action plan according to the main needs.

    Online Marketing Plan Execution

    Planned actions are carried out by an expert team in online marketing, content creation and design. All of them are accompanied with creativity, participation, feeling, good mood and a good planning... which always work!

    Digital Marketing Tracking and Report

    Periodically, we have a tracking meeting to verify the reach of our goals. In case of any problems , we analyze the main cause, we plan a new strategy or we try to solve them in the most appropriate way.

    We send a report about our actions monthly, results and development of indexes or KPIs. This type of analysis gives us a wider overview and allows us to set new strategies, if necessary.

    Contact us if you have any doubts regarding our online marketing department services. We'll be happy to help you and your company!

    Why should you work with Sakudarte by outsourcing your Online Marketing Department?

    We believe that people are the key. Products may be copied, but not those people who make them, who work for a company. We want to make the difference with them.

    We love what we do in our office, which now we consider as our second home. Not only are we professional in what we do, but we also grow up together in our smart tribe.

    Of course we make mistakes and, thanks to our mistakes, we are able to continue growing. "The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything".

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