Online Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy. No wind is favorable for those who sail without direction. A successful online project starts with an online strategy and a Digital Marketing Plan.

Whoever believes that having a website or an online store is enough to sell is wrong. This is only the first step. Without an adequate strategy and without online promotion, it is just another site competing among thousands to capture users' attention.

To develop an online marketing strategy, we first need to define our goals and quantify them:

What do we want to achieve?
What is our market niche?
Who is our potential client?
What keywords do they use to reach us?
How many visits? How many followers? Size of the database?
And... What shall we do with them?

The objectives must be SMAC (specific, measurable, achievable and challenging). Therefore, it is essential to have measurement INDICATORS.
The strategy marks the main lines of action. The actions are reflected in an ACTION PLAN. It is the set of actions which will allow us to achieve the goals: SEO, SEM, Social Networks, Email Marketing, content, promotions ... We measure it from the beginning with project managers and deadlines.

    Do you need to start an Online Strategy and draw up a Digital Marketing Plan?

    Online goals: to reach a destination, we need to know where we are going

    All investment in online promotion must pursue objectives and have indicators that measure their results. It is not enough to want to sell more. You have to think "outside the box".

    To know what audience we are going to address, with which keywords, what are their needs, how we can approach them. The objectives will define the Action Plan.

    Increase the brand awareness. Reach new markets. Generate more sale opportunities. Notoriety. Engagement. Sales. Upselling. Cross selling. Repetition.

    Digital indicators: the data, always the data

    The indicators are data that provides us with information about the performance of the actions. They tell us the level of compliance with the objectives. They allow us to react when something is not right before it is too late.

    We measure more than 100 indicators and select the most suitable for each project.

    Determining which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are ideal is crucial in the online strategy.

    Online Action Plan

    It is the fundamental tool for success. Knowing where we are going, we need to be clear about what will get us there. For this we need a plan with actions, responsibilities and deadlines.

    No Action Plan can work if we do not measure the results. Based on this, we can reorient it in time. There is no single path in digital marketing.

    Online measurement: what is not measured, can't be improved

    All online strategy is conditioned to the fulfillment of one or several objectives. With the right indicators, we need to measure permanently to know if they are achievable or not.

    Not only will we see the evolution with the measurement, but also we will be able to rectify towards the most appropriate direction.

    Measurement and communication. The flow of continuous information with the client is what ensures compliance with the Plan.

    Continuous improvement online: the one who follows it, gets it

    Plan-Do-Check-Act. It is the basis of an adequate project management. You have to plan and execute, but also to verify compliance with what has been scheduled.

    In case of non-compliance, you have to verify why they have occurred and put the appropriate means to correct it. When improvements are achieved, learn from the process and apply it.

    A methodology based on people.

    Still not clear about your Online Marketing Strategic Plan?

    Why should we work together on your digital plan?

    Because we believe in a theory stating that we work with and for people, so we want to put it into practice. Because we get your illusion to use all our knowledge in the ONLINE STRATEGY of your company.

    Because we have a lot of confidence in what we say and do. What is not measured, is not improved. When we talk about online promotion, the optimization of actions through trial and error is the only way to sell more.

    Because we have a great time. If it's not fun, it's not worth it. We love being surprised. That's why, apart from the "classic" promotional actions, we like to try new things.

    And because if you want your company to change, we are your Online Marketing Agency.

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