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Make your website appear in the first results of organic searches on Google in Valencia and Madrid.

Any website needs to take care of its SEO organic positioning. Natural organic positioning is a powerful tool for attracting traffic to a website. The results are obtained in the medium and long term, but it is an investment that quickly becomes profitable.

A good SEO will make the difference between a website well positioned in Goolge and one that is not. It is a very important detail for businesses whose brand name is still unknown. In few words, for those websites where most of the traffic is organic (searches in Google) and not direct (search by name of the brand or company).

Nobody goes beyond the first page of Google. That's why you need to position yourself there.

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Which advantages does organic SEO have for your website?

Keywords Study: one of the key to success

The keywords are those search terms by which the different pages of a website are positioned.

Through the study of keywords that we will execute in Sakudarte, you can identify the most appropriate keywords, in other words, those that attract the most quality traffic to the site, and so, which convert better.

SEO Content to Position in Search Engines

Originality = Quality

The only result that can be given to vomit keywords as if we were robots is to receive a penalty from Google and that all our work ends up completely useless.

The position in which the keywords are placed is also important. For Google, headings are signs of relevance, as well as the title or principle of the content.

Sharing is living and helps Organic SEO

Your business must live in networks too

The closer we are to the users, the more we can get reached. And there is no better way than through social networks. We will share each post in your networks.

If every user shares it, we will obtain more reach and a greater traffic to the web, consequently.

Why work with SEO and Natural Positioning in Search Engines with Sakudarte?

People who work with people

Working with us is having more than a marketing department in Madrid or Valencia. You will have people who work with people. Participation and professionalism in each project from the first meeting.

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