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Marketing and Industry 4.0: Creating your digital strategy

Sakudarte is an Online Marketing Agency focused on B2B Marketing.

We build marketing strategies that will change the way your consumers see you, your positioning and your company values.

We will help you connect with your clients.


Your clients are your partners

Companies are people.

Companies don't buy your services, people do.
During the buying process, your potential clients carry out the 57% of the activity in the Internet before they contact you.

Communicate better

Differentiate yourself to be your clients’ first choice.

Having the right tools and messages to communicate what you do, how you do it and what your values are is key to making a difference.

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Digitize your business

Digital transformation in your company.

Incorporate digital tools to optimize your company’s results and adapt your business to the digital era. Welcome to Industry 4.0.

All Web Design, Online Marketing and Illustration services in just one Agency near you.

Online Strategy

Differentiate your value offer in the market to be your client's first choice.

Web Design

Showcase your services to the world with optimized online and offline supports.

Online Marketing

Position yourself and use tools to be present for your potential customer.

Digital Transformation

Learn about everything that can change your company. Start with our training.

In Sakudarte we communicate with creativity and professionalism.

We believe in a more human world and create opportunities to bring people and companies closer together.

Meet the Sakudarte tribe.

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Improve your Digital Marketing in 10 days.

Some of our clients:

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rbx programming
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laratrans LOGISTICS
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Welcome to Industry 4.0
Do you want to find out what our clients have achieved?

Some of our clients who apply B2B Marketing in their companies share their experience.

In Sakudarte we are your Online Marketing Department and we grow with you day by day.

Greater visibility and rapidity to sell in B2B e-commerce.

Better positioning and online presence.

Effective supports for commercial action.

Increase of database and Linkedin presence.

Tools to reach potential customers.

Better communication of services and business opportunities.

Indicators to measure results and improve online strategy.

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